It’s simply amazing how many drivers change lanes, merge or turn all without using their turn signals. And it’s not just limited to the public; I’ve even seen police officers fail to signal.

CHP Officer Jon Sloat said not only is using you turn signals the safe thing to do, it’s the law. But why don’t people do it?

“I have no idea,” said Sloat, who agreed more and more drivers aren’t signaling. “If your movement is going to affect another car, then you’re suppose to signal.”

He speculated that most people don’t realize that not signaling is considered a moving violation and, as a result, just don’t think about signaling.

Roileen Miller of Miller Driving School in Cotati also finds the lack of signaling perplexing.

“I drive everywhere. I drive eight hours a day, and I’m amazed by the number of people who don’t use their turn signals,” Miller said.

She noted drivers must use their turn signals even when in a dedicated turn lane, although she said she sees many who don’t.

Miller said she emphasizes to her student drivers that they must signal every time they turn or merge — a point that Sloat said he makes when giving driver training to CHP officers.

“I believe for some people that after driving for so long that they stop thinking” about their driving techniques or skills, Miller said. “They just get in and go and not think about their driving anymore … They don’t realize how dangerous it is not to signal.”

Of course, on the other extreme are drivers who forget to turn off their turn signals as they merrily drive along.