Readers of Road Warrior have had plenty to say lately about what drives them crazy when they’re on the road. Here are my top five:

–Drivers who use cell phones instead of going hands free. Not only is it illegal, but it’s just plain dangerous. There have been so many times when I pass someone driving slower than the speed limit or weaving a bit between lanes that I discover that they’re on their cell phone. Click here to read earlier story about the true cost of a cell phone ticket.

–Drivers who won’t let me merge into their lane. I’m signaling to move over, but too often the other driver, instead of pulling back just a bit to allow me a safe gap to move in, speeds up to make it impossible for me to merge. It’s especially annoying when you’re trying to merge onto 101.

–Drivers who don’t signal. Click here for earlier story on why people don’t signal.

–Drivers who merge onto 101 at a slow speed — 45 mph or so. If you’re coming up behind them in the “slow” lane, it can be hairy. If you’re trying to merge on 101 behind them, it’s even more hairy.

–Bicyclists on Highway 29 over Mount St. Helena. With all of the blind curves and lack of shoulders, the road often isn’t wide enough to allow a car to pass a bicyclist without going into the oncoming lane. I believe in sharing the road, but Highway 29 is not the best place for bicycling.

What I like: When I’m going the speed limit on 101 and a car whizzes by me and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a black and white swoops past to snag the speeder. There is justice after all.