The southbound Highway 101 sign for Steele Lane before Caltrans replaced it to
fix the misspelling. Photo courtesy of a Road Warrior reader

The “e” is back in Steele, as in the Steele Lane exit sign hanging over southbound Highway 101 from the Bicentennial Way overpass.

Caltrans apparently first learned that the sign was misspelled “Steel Lane” last December — see photo above — after inquiries from the Road Warrior and The Press Democrat. To read a Press Democrat story on the error, CLICK HERE.

Those inquiries apparently set Caltrans off on a mission to fix the sign, and it recently was. See photo below.

Caltrans spokesman Bob Haus said it cost $1,445 for the installation.

Steele Lane is named after the Steele family, Santa Rosa pioneers. Frank Steele arrived in Santa Rosa in the late 1860s and built a ranch near where Steele Lane Elementary School is today.

The fixed Steele Lane sign. Photo courtesy of a Road Warrior reader