The 2010 traffic stats are in for Rohnert Park, and here are the top 10 intersections with the most collisions:


Rohnert Park Expressway at Commerce Boulevard, with 16 collisions. Sgt. Jason Krauss of the city’s Department of Public Safety noted it’s the city’s busiest intersection, but exact causes of the crashes weren’t broken down.


Rohnert Park Expressway at State Farm Drive, with 8.


Rohnert Park Expressway at Redwood Drive, with 7.


Camino Collegio at East Cotati Avenue, with 6.

Tied for Fifth

Rohnert Park Expressway at Snyder Lane, with 5

Rohnert Park Expressway at the offramps of Highway 101, 5

Commerce Boulevard at Golf Course Drive, 5

Tied for Sixth

Martin Avenue at Redwood Drive, with 4

Snyder Lane at Southwest Boulevard, 4


East Cotati Avenue at Snyder Lane, with 3.

Krauss said the collision stats will prompt Rohnert Park police to increase traffic enforcement, especially at No. 1 RPX at Commerce.

Among other highlights of the traffic stats:

–Most collisions in the city occur during high traffic hours, such as before and after work.

–Wednesday has the highest number of collisions.

–No. 1 cause of collisions is speeding, followed by unsafe turns, DUI, following too closely and unsafe backing.

–From 2003 to 2010 there was a decrease in collisions, which Krauss attributed to traffic awareness programs and traffic enforcement, particularly with the department’s addition of a second motorcycle officer.

–Top citations in 2010: Speeding with 200, running stop signs at 167, failure to obey signs at 150 (no left turn violations are big), cell phone use at 97 and red lights at 41.