If you have questions, we’ll try to get the answers for you. Here’s one from a reader:

Q: What’s the law on tarping loads? If I take stuff to the dump, I know I’m suppose to tarp. But what if I’m not going to the dump? Does it matter what the “stuff” is? Dirt? Gravel? Boxes? Furniture? And is there a tarping law for dump trucks? I rarely see one covered.

The answer from CHP Officer Jon Sloat: If you are hauling any kind of aggregate or dirt, it has to be tarped if it can be seen over the rim of the bed of the truck. Yard waste is also required to be covered. Furniture, garbage, etc. is not required, and there is only a violation when something falls off. Same with a dump truck: If you can see the mound (anything higher than the rim of the bed), it must be covered so it can’t blow off and damage or injure anyone.