With the winter storms over, road crews are busy filling potholes. But there are plenty of them out there.

Under state law, local governments can deny drivers’ claims over damage caused by potholes if they don’t know about them or aren’t given enough time to fix them. To help spread the word about potholes to other drivers and to local road officials, you can leave information about potholes below in the comment field.

We can’t guarantee the potholes will be filled, but we do know some local road officials are faithful Road Warrior readers.

Don Rivers, regional manager for Caltrans’ North Bay region maintenance, said the number of potholes reported this past winter was fairly normal. He said when someone calls in to report a pothole, “we try to respond that day.”

If you want to report a pothole directly to local government, here’s how:

–For Caltrans, call 762-6641.

–For Petaluma, call 778-4303.

–For Rohnert Park, call 588-3300

–For Santa Rosa, there’s an online reporting form that you can find by CLICKING HERE.

–For Sonoma County, call 565-5100.

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