The DMV last month unveiled a new look and feel to its website, and it’s definitely easier to find information.

It’s all part of the DMV’s effort to be customer friendly, said Mike Marando, a DMV spokesman.

Online you can do many of the common actions that used to require a visit to a DMV or AAA office, such as renewing driver’s licenses or vehicle registrations or changing your address. You also can make office appointments, get iPhone and Droid apps for up-to-the-minute info on wait times at offices and connect with the DMV via Twitter and Facebook. Some website actions require that you establish an account first.

Last year, the DMV processed about 31 million transactions at its offices around the state and about 10.5 million additional transactions online, a 14 percent increase from the year before, Marando said.

Another new service is the DMV’s “Virtual Hold” program in which when you call the DMV you leave your phone number and a DMV representative will call you back. Marando said the feature started June 27 and calls are supposed to be returned in 90 minutes. We tried it out and our call back took 2 hours, 13 minutes.

To reach the DMV website, CLICK HERE.