The local CHP will be stepping up its enforcement of the speed limit in the Highway 101 construction zones as part of a statewide effort to protect Caltrans and road construction crews.

The action this week comes after four Caltrans workers were killed in traffic-related accidents in the past year, including three last spring in Southern California.

Local CHP spokesman Officer Jon Sloat said two officers will be stationed in the construction zones during night work instead of the usual one and officers patrolling 101 have been told to drive through the zones whenever possible to look for violators.

Interim Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty noted in a statement that “motorists often automatically slow down when they police or CHP officers. We also want them to slow down for Caltrans vehicles and equipment.

Sloat said the officers stationed in construction zones are on overtime paid by the construction companies although that cost is included in what the contractors charge the state for the projects.