A couple of Road Warrior readers have asked about websites offering to handle your DMV registration renewals for a fee. Are they legit? Should I use them?

For example, when you google “California DMV,” the first website listed is cartagz.com, probably because it’s paid a fee to Google for the prominence. Cartagz.com charges $29 plus a convenience fee of $4.50, in addition to the DMV fee to process a registration renewal. Other charges also may apply.

DMV spokesman Jaime Garza said cartagz.com is among hundreds of businesses licensed by the DMV to handle certain DMV services. Some are websites, some are stores and businesses that offer the service in addition to their regular business, such as AAA. Typically, you have to pay extra to use their service.

He said the DMV licenses these businesses because some drivers prefer to deal with them rather than the DMV.

I couldn’t find a phone number for cartagz.com on its website and it wasn’t listed in AT&T’s phone listing, but on its website cartagz.com touts that “as California‚Äôs leading vehicle registration service, Cartagz.com helps people save time and avoid trips to the DMV through this unique and easy to use online service.”

But he noted: “The middlemen do it for a fee, but you can so the same transaction on our website and not pay a dime,” other than the DMV fee.

To go to the DMV site,


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