Here’s a question from a reader:

Is it possible for Caltrans to temporarily put one of the lit signs up in the median or somewhere noticeable at the beginning of both north and southbound reduced-speed areas in Novato on Highway 101? The signs are very hard to notice, which makes most people either forget or not be aware of the 55-mph construction speed. Therefore they are constantly tailgating because they aren’t aware the person in front of them is trying to obey the speed limit. ¬†When they reduced the speed in the Sonoma County construction zone it seemed the signs were much more prominent and noticeable. Ellen

The answer comes from Caltrans spokesman Steve A. Williams, who took our reader’s suggestion to the Caltrans engineeer overseeing the Novato project.

“It was a good idea,” Williams said. “It made sense to him.”

So much so that Williams said the engineer is looking for a spare Caltrans sign to put on Highway 101 as suggested.

“We hope this will be able to take care” of the problem, Williams said.


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