Here’s a question from a reader:

Why is it that buses (usually casino bound) can drive in the #1 lane even after carpool hours are over? It seems to me that buses should be following the same rules as trucks with trailers and have to stay in the far right lane except to pass. I see almost daily buses holding up faster traffic in the #1 lane and cars maneuvering around them which is creating unsafe conditions. Thanks, Nate

The answer comes from CHP Officer Jon Sloat, spokesman for the local office:
The buses are allowed to be in that lane, but they can’t impede traffic. They have to go the speed limit or move over.
Another question from a reader:
The College/Humboldt intersection in Santa Rosa has “No Turn on Red” for drivers making a right turn to (southbound) Humboldt. Why? Tom
From the Road Warrior: You actually aren’t allowed to turn right on red at any corner of the intersection. Humboldt Street is the city’s Bicycle Boulevard, so perhaps…?
The answer comes from Rob Sprinkle, Santa Rosa’s traffic engineer:
As far as I can find from our records, the no turn on reds were installed prior to 1986.  So that was well before the Bicycle Blvd.  Although I do not know the specific reason for the initial installation, prohibiting right turns on red does provide benefit for pedestrian crossings.

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