Danger on Old Redwood Highway at Highway 116

Every day, I almost get hit because of the poor construction at Old Redwood Hwy and 116 in Cotati. When going northbound on Old Red, there are two left lanes to turn west onto 116. I am usually on the outside lane so that I am in the correct lane once I turn onto 116. 116 has a horrible curve in it at that intersection and the people that are on the inside lane making the turn always turn into my lane instead of the lane they are supposed to. Part of that is because of the turn angle, and part because they are stupid. We need cops down there to cite them, or Caltrans to straighten out the roadway, or only have one left turn lane. Thanks. Wendy

Speed zone in the construction zone

Where are the Hwy. Patrol in these construction zones? I travel up the 101 corridor quite frequently and I have drivers passing me at 65 and 70 miles an hour, and sometimes faster. Shouldn’t we all know that the speed in the construction zone is always less? The HP should stop the warnings and just ticket the offenders. It’s time each individual accept responsibility for their actions. Nancy

DMV sticker stolen

A few days ago my new 2013 sticker was peeled off and stolen from my rear license plate.  The DMV charges $18 dollars for a replacement sticker.  I also had to replace a stolen license plate late last year.  I hate having to keep paying for someone else’s criminal activity.  What if I just wait and see if I get stopped by the police for not having a sticker before replacing it?  Or, replacing it but not installing it, keeping it in glove the box in case I get stopped.  I’m tired of getting ripped off, by the crooks and the DMV!  Ken

A Caltrans puzzle

Driving the Santa Rosa to San Rafael daily I see the slow progress of our 101 widening project through Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Petaluma. Recently we saw a great step toward completion with the 3rd lane opening from Rohnert Park to Petaluma in both directions; what I don’t understand is why, in both directions the merge back to 2 lanes take place after a popularly used exit.

For instance, southbound 101, the merge from 3 lanes to 2 lanes takes place about ½ a mile past the Petaluma Blvd North exit.,  leaving people to merge after the exit. Granted traffic at that point is a little less congested, but couldn’t the 3rd lane “ended” into the exit at Petaluma Blvd North.

Headed northbound, the 3rd lane merge is in a tricky spot, just a few 100 feet past the Rohnert Park Expressway. I have sat in this merge issue almost every evening headed home, and while I sit there I wonder why the lines weren’t drawn just a little bit differently, turning the 3rd lane into an exit only lane. Johnie

We need a sign

The two left turns south bound on Redwood Dr. on to RPX East is not clearly marked. There should be a sign well before the intersection indicating there is no longer two lanes going south. I have witnesses  several near misses of drivers swerving to cut lanes at the last minute. Pat

Unfair speed enforcement?

Just read the article on Highway Patrol parking on side of 101 and I agree . . . But what about River Road and the sudden 25 mph at Rio Nido and the local deputies parking off the side of Canyon 2 Rd and nailing you as you are trying to slow down to 25 mph without hard braking (a hazard on River Road)? Billie

Another Caltrans puzzle

As I have been traveling the section of Southbound 101 in Rohnert Park I have been wondering why they have not completed the temporary 3 lane segment.  As you drive south the third lane starts as soon as the Wilfred onramp comes on the freeway. It stays three lanes south to just past the Rohnert Park Expressway off ramp. The off ramp occurs, then a three to two lane merge. THEN the three lanes start up almost immediately again before, I think, even the westbound Expressway to southbound freeway onramp comes in. There is plenty of pavement section there. It just seems that the contractors, when they did the temporary striping, didn’t “connect the dots.” Keith

Bottleneck on Yulupa

Southbound Yulupa Ave. in Santa Rosa narrows from two lanes to one lane just south of Hoen Ave. I propose moving the road narrowing 75 yards farther north on Yulupa by establishing the southbound number 2 lane approaching Hoen as a right turn only lane, thereby leaving the number one lane as the only lane proceeding southbound across Hoen.

The way it is set up now allows a selfish, me-first driver to block numerous cars, who otherwise could safely turn right onto Hoen, behind him or her until the next southbound Yulupa green light. Then, at the green light, the selfish, me-first driver races across the intersection to get in front of the other southbound traffic before the lane reduction, the better to speed unimpeded southbound down Yulupa past a fire station and through an elementary school zone.

Hoen Ave. is the main artery onto Westbound Hwy. 12 and to 101 beyond for those who live in eastern Santa Rosa. The greater majority of drivers who approach that intersection on Yulupa from the north intend to make a right on Hoen. There is no need for two lanes to proceed southbound across Hoen, but there is a need for a dedicated right-turn lane there. The change needn’t break the budget, either; all it would take is some paint and several signs.

The same type of bottleneck situation once existed on westbound Montgomery at Summerfield Road. We fixed that, now let’s fix the Yulupa/Hoen intersection as well. Les


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