We’ve had some questions from readers regarding center turn lanes on city streets. For example:

I thought the double turn lane was to be used as little as possible.  I live in Northwest Santa Rosa and usually use Piner Road to get to 101.  I often see drivers traveling quite far in the center turn lane, but occasionally it seems that the driver thinks the lane is an additional travel lane until they reach an intersection, where they merge into traffic while going through the intersection!!  WHAT is the proper use for the center turn lane??  Kathy

Other readers have reported seeing drivers use the turn lane to pass others.

The answer comes from Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Rich Celli, says California Vehicle Code Section 21460.5 (c) says you basically can only use the turn lane for up to 200 feet to make a left turn or to merge into traffic.


Another question:

What is the green substance they have been spraying on the southbound unpaved section of new lane on 101 in Novato? Jonathan

The answer comes from Caltrans spokesman Steve A. Williams, who says it’s a bonding agent to prevent erosion on the unpaved section.


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