Here’s a question from a reader:
We have noticed several times that the CHP is using radar on the onramp from Hwy 12 westbound onto 101. We are confused. I was instructed that when getting on a freeway you are to quickly get up to speed to match the traffic you will be merging with. Why would the CHP be using radar on the onramp. Are they giving tickets for going to fast? It is a very sharp turn and there are the yellow recommended speed signs but no white sign stating the speed limit. Do you have any insight? Ann
The answer comes from CHP Officer Jon Sloat, spokesman for the Sonoma County office:
Officers who are monitoring traffic are parked there because there is a nice wide turnout, and they can park safely away from traffic. They are not focusing on traffic coming down the onramp, but traffic coming from southbound 101. From this position, we can watch for speeding vehicles from beyond the downtown SR exit.
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