Here’s a question from a reader:

Has anyone noticed the traffic signal sequences this past week?  Seems like that most of them (at least) on the west side of Santa Rosa area have been reset to the previous signal program, which is not as efficient as the one that was working for the last about 2 years, in that  it kept the traffic moving very smoothly.

Some left turn arrow/signals are now GREEN before the straight/forward GREEN, which is causing delays for people to want to get into the left turn lane but can’t and missed the green signal to turn because the straight/forward light is not green or clearing the cars/traffic first for them to get in and wait on the left turn lane. It would be nice to get some explanation or clarification from city traffic engineers why the changes. Thank you, Bill

The answer comes from Santa Rosa Traffic Engineer Rob Sprinkle, in an email on Friday:

We lost our server last Friday (March 23)  that runs our adaptive traffic control system and are working to get it back up and running. Soon hopefully.


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