One of the busier intersections in Windsor is about to get easier for drivers to navigate.

On April 16, work is to begin on a $3.84 million project to realign the intersection of Conde Lane and Shiloh Road and to widen part of Shiloh, with completion set for by late November.

Now for drivers on Conde Lane, waiting to merge onto Shiloh often can be a challenge during commute hours because of heavy traffic on Shiloh, which has grown over the years as business parks and housing developments have sprouted to the west. Nearly 18,000 vehicles go by that intersection on the average day.

Alejandro Perez, associate civil engineer for Windsor, said the southern part of Conde will be shifted about 100 feet to the east and a traffic light will be installed at the new intersection with Shiloh. At some point, the driveway of the business park on the southside of Shiloh there will be moved a bit west to meet up with the new Conde intersection. Perez said the business park owner will pay for realigning the driveway.

Shiloh will be widened from two lanes to four lanes from Highway 101 west to the railroad tracks, he said. The project also includes  replacing the Conde culvert over Pruitt Creek, drainage improvements along Shiloh and improving the railroad crossing.

He said the work is the final phase of  a project that over the years also has seen improvements to Conde Lane and Mitchell Lane.

Perez said drivers can expect some delays over the next several months as the construction progresses and he suggested taking alternate routes.


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