Caltrans says the pile driving project that was to start Tuesday at Highway 101 and East Washington Street in Petaluma has been delayed until Wednesday at the earliest because of the storm forecast for Tuesday.

With rain expected for the next couple of days, Caltrans spokesman Robert Haus said engineers will decide on a daily basis whether to start the work.

The pile driving will be just north of East Washington along northbound 101 and eventually will support a new northbound onramp, all part of a remodel of the interchange that’s expected to be done in 2014.

The pile driving, once it starts, is to be done 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday for three to four weeks. It’s going to be noisy for those who work and live nearby.

“Pile driving is a loud operation by nature,” Haus said. ” We do what we can to mitigate the noise, but our options are limited.”


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