Here’s a question from a reader:

Redwood Drive is the frontage road west of Highway 101 in Rohnert Park.  If you head north onto Redwood Drive from Business Park Drive, next to The Press Democrat facility, there is not a speed limit sign until just before Wilfred.  There used to be a sign previous to the 101 construction, but it has gone missing for a year or more.

This has affected some of our industrial park customers since the police have used the restaurant parking lot at the north end of the straight stretch to radar catch the “speeders.” Unfortunately, the drivers do not know what the speed limit is unless they have ESP.  Thanks,  Tom

The answer comes from Michael Bracewell, utilities services supervisor of the City of Rohnert Park, who did some digging into what the speed limit should be. He reported back that it’s 40 mph from Rohnert Park Expressway north to about In-N-Out Burger where it drops to 35 mph. He’s also looking into the missing sign and replacing it.

Here’s another question:

Are there any plans to provide access to the traffic cams that have been set up along the renewed sections of 101.  Seems like the only hole in Caltrans accessible traffic cams is in Sonoma County.  John, Santa Rosa

The answer comes from Caltrans spokesman Robert Haus, who said traffic cameras are being set up along the stretch of Highway 101 being widened from Rohnert Park to Petaluma. He said it’s unknown when they’ll be operational but promises to let us know.

Caltrans has traffic cams all over the state  — CLICK HERE  to check them out — and they’re pretty cool and useful.

A final question:

Will Caltrans’ work to redo the intersection of Highways 12 and 121 south of Sonoma eliminate the flooding that happens there every winter? S

The answer also comes from Haus: “The project at 12/121 won’t be able to mitigate the flooding. That’s caused by the surrounding topography, not the road design.”


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