Petaluma police officers on Friday will be hanging out  at Lakeville Street and East Washington Street, looking for traffic violators because that intersection is the city’s worst when it comes to the number of collisions.

Last year, 10 collisions occurred there. So far this year, three have. Of those 13 crashes, four involved injuries and nine were property damage only.

Blamed for the collisions were such violations as right-of-way, unsafe speed, DUI, pedestrian right-of-way and unsafe starting.

Here’s a list of Petaluma’s top 10 worst intersection in 2011 when it comes to number of collisions:

1. East Washington Street at Lakeville Street, with 10 collisions
2. East Washington at North McDowell Boulevard, 9
3. East Washington Street at Payran Street, 8
4. Petaluma Boulevard North at Western Avenue, 8
5. D Street at Fourth Street, 6
6. Keller Street at Washington Street, 6
7. Lakeville Street at East D Street, 6
8. Petaluma Boulevard North at Washington Street, 6
9. Petaluma Boulevard South at B Street, 6
10. East Washington Street at Sonoma Mountain Parkway/Ely Boulevard, 5


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