Here are a collection of comments from Road Warrior readers:


At the railroad crossing just east of the Lytton Springs northbound off ramp of 101, some clever soul put a sign on the crossing sign about two weeks ago: “PLEASE FIX THIS.”  The crossing itself is very worn and rough (photos attached, but they don’t really show how bad the road is) and has been so for a long, long time. There are no streetlights in the area and I imagine folks going across it at night get quite a surprise. In addition to local traffic, much of the River Rock casino visitors drive through here. Maybe the casino would pay for the repairs?? Well, one can dream. Sally

Road Warrior: Thanks for sending in the photos. I think you’ll have to wait for the SMART  rail line to be expanded north before it’s rebuilt.


When drivers shouldn’t stop for bicyclists

I ride bikes a lot. I commute and ride for fun and, overall, the respect and courtesy the motoring public pays to cyclists is much improved and appreciated (in spite of the rage and grumbling seen in this column). I fear though there are times when it goes a little too far. I cross College Ave. daily at Beaver. I stop for the stop sign and there might be a bit of traffic. I will be patiently waiting for traffic to clear, picking my opening, and then a car stops because they want to help me cross. This is crazy. Cars have no obligation to stop in this condition for a cyclist (acting as a vehicle). It creates confusion for other motorists as well as creating a dangerous situation for a cyclist with traffic coming from the other direction. For myself and other cyclists, we will watch for the openings in traffic; when someone stops when they shouldn’t, it creates a situation fraught with danger. I encourage the motorists to treat cyclists stopped at stop signs as a vehicle – the cyclist can cross when it’s safe for them. Please don’t invite a cyclist into a dangerous situation. I always try to wave the offenders through with a wave and thanks but it’s awkward – you can see they’re now annoyed because they tried to be courteous to cyclist. If they had acted like vehicles should, they wouldn’t be.

My cycling buddies talk have talked about this condition and everyone is clear that WHEN CARS STOP WHEN THEY SHOULDN’T, it is an invitation to a disaster for the cyclist and other motorists. Thanks for listening. Craig


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