A collections of comments from Road Warrior readers:

Rude neighbors in cul-de-sac

We live at the end of a cul-de-sac with little to no parking spaces for the three end houses (ours included). There is ample parking for all the other homes in the cul-de-sac. We keep our cars in our garage or in our driveway. Our neighbors do not use their garages for anything other than junk. We constantly have neighbors and their guests park head in, thus blocking part or nearly all of our driveway. I honestly cannot believe how rude drivers are here in Santa Rosa. There have been times (too many to count) in which we cannot get in or out of our driveway. We have also had drivers block our mailbox to where we cannot even get to it. We have lived on other cul-de-sacs in other areas of California, and in other states. No one would ever dream of parking head in at our other neighborhoods.

I know it is not legal to park head in according to the vehicle codes. Can you inform your readers that this is so? I believe the vehicle code states something to the effect that both passenger side wheels need to be less than 18 inches from the curb to be legally parked . . . impossible if one is parked head in. It is also my understanding that the vehicle code stipulates that a car’s front end or tail end has to be a certain distance away from the driveway cuts.

For goodness sakes, can people really not park legally in the cul-de-sac and walk a couple of extra steps? Are they really that lazy?

Pretty fed up in Santa Rosa,


P.S. Before anyone asks, “Well, then why did you move there?” The answer is as I stated above….we have never experienced this on other cul-de-sacs where we lived. I never expected to experience such rudeness here.

P.S.S. I just read your article about washing cars in the driveway. Thank goodness it is legal. I do it all the time. I cannot afford car washes.

Latest 101 mess

The latest reconfiguration of 101 S just before Rohnert Part has made traffic leaving Santa Rosa during commute hours a big mess — back-ups start before the Todd Road exit. Can you find out how long it will be before they fix this? This latest development is so frustrating that I’m willing to drive miles out of my way to take Stony Point to Petaluma just to avoid it if this configuration is going to last more than a few days.
I still don’t get why the Sonoma County construction has come to feel endless, where the Marin improvements over the past 6 or 7 years, which I also commute through, seem to get done fairly quickly and create much less impact on the traffic flow. I “‘get” that the work being done through the Santa Rosa corridor is much more extensive but still…
Thanks for all the info you put out there for us drivers!

From the Road Warrior: I’m sorry to say but I think we’re stuck with the reconfiguration until later this summer when Caltrans opens up the Rohnert Park stretch of 101 to three lanes both ways.

Gawking at 101 construction

I just spent 55 minutes driving from the last Petaluma exit where the casino is to Rohnert Park Expressway! If it was rush hour and there was an accident, I’d be OK with it, but it’s almost 2 a.m. on a Wednesday! With the construction there are plenty of signs miles before the construction zone, plenty of cones and plenty of CHP. It was 1 lane for a bit, but traffic should have been moving slowly instead of at a complete stop. However, there are way too many idiot drivers that slow down to look at the construction equipment and they’re even slower than they do for an accident during rush hour. Do you think there is anything the CHP can do to move people along faster when they are driving slow and in some cases coming to a complete stop for no reason in the middle of the night? I look forward to your reply. Thanks, Steve

From the Road Warrior: I think a lot of drivers get intimidated by the bright lights in the construction zone and the equipment and slow way down.


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