A collection of comments from Road Warrior readers:

Speeding in the construction zone

Driver crashes in Petaluma after high-speed chase! How much will his fine be for doing 100 mph in the double fine zone? And all the other factors involved in the chase thru the construction zone?

Where is the big CHP crackdown on double fine zone speeding?? I drive thru there 4 times a day north and south at night and in the morning average speed up and over the Cotati grade 70 mph. Maybe one or two officers working but very rarely. Where’s the big task force where they have 10 units north and 10 units south like they do every Labor Day Sunday!!

Whats wrong with an officer waiting at the end of the K-rail northbound where it goes from 2 to 3 lanes and is still 55 until the back lot of Friedman’s in Santa Rosa — or just inside the 55-mph sign southbound 101 past Todd, Whole lotta speeding there also!!

Caltrans electric signs to warn people of the speed change are useless –people don’t even look at those signs

Frustrated that I have to drive 55 to avoid a double fine and everyone else can do 60-80 no worries!! A reader

Driving well but getting the finger

Since moving to Santa Rosa two years ago from San Jose where I lived for 15 years and my wife longer than that as well as living in California almost 40 years, we have been subjected to drivers giving us the finger while driving.

This morning, my wife picked me up from an eye doctor’s appointment because my eyes were dilated and you are not supposed to drive. So she drove into the parking lot and I got in the car. As we started to drove around the lot, a driver in a small pickup truck was backing out. So my wife stopped and gave the driver plenty of room. The driver then starts to go forward but stops because they misread how much room was needed to get by the car parked next to them. So the driver starts backing out toward us and it was not obvious that they were aware of our presence. My wife gave the driver a short horn. The driver stopped and stuck their middle finger out at us. Then drove away.

Remember that this driver could have had issues with their eye as they were parked in lot that is strictly for this eye doctor on 2nd Street by Brookwood.

I remember one time last summer driving on Highway 12 to Sonoma doing the speed limit. This BMW finally passes me and there were two young men in the car. The passenger leans out the window and gives us the finger. And there have been other times this has happened to myself and my wife and we were not driving badly. Evidently not up to someone else’s standards.

It is a good thing that this is a not a state where people carry guns. Road rage in those states sometimes means someone getting shot and killed.

So we just ignore these drivers but wondering how others feel in our county.

Thanks. Andrew


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