A collection of comments from Road Warrior readers:

Roads department quick in pothole response

After reading the many Press Democrat reports regarding the county budget issues and their affect on the Public Works Dept., I would like to report on the response of the Public Works Road Dept. on pothole complaints. After calling the Public Works Dept. or filling out the online form, the potholes reported were usually filled within 1 business day. I was surprised at the response because of the County budget problems and specifically cuts to road maintenance. Sonoma County is still committed to basic road maintenance. I felt that the Press Democrat wrote several stories about the road maintenance to sound like there was no hope of getting basic road repairs in a timely manner. Again, these were relatively minor potholes, not anything that would require an immediate response like an impassible road. Dave

What’s up with Marlow Road paving?

I drive Marlow Road, between Piner Road and Guerneville Road, every day, and the current resurfacing attempt has actually left the road rougher and uneven.  I don’t know if this was a low bid sub-par job, but it is truly a waste of the taxpayers’ money and should never have been signed off on.  Maybe we got what we paid for but still a waste.  If there’s a final surface coat that is still to be applied, I apologize.  But it appears that the surfacing equipment has left the scene of the crime.  Steve

From the Road Warrior: Checked with Robert Sprinkle, Santa Rosa’s traffic engineer, and he says the road was microsealed. Looks like striping is next and then that’s it.

Where’s the missing sign?

South Wright Road in southwest Santa Rosa has been overlayed and restripped.  With the narrow lanes running between Ludwig Avenue and Sebastopol Road, we now need the “Commercial Vehicles Prohibited” signs re-posted as the northbound sign is missing and the other is posted after Sebastopol Road heading south. (Some cities instead post Load Limit signs which control most large commercial vehicles.)   The problem we have with the old postings is that large trucks enter South Wright Road before seeing the sign with nowhere to turn around so they must continue to Ludwig Avenue. The signs should be placed on North Wright Road for southbound traffic and on Ludwig Avenue for northbound traffic. Notifing Santa Rosa police of the large volume of trucks doesn’t bring relief.  They don’t patrol in this area very often and calling the street department  just falls on sympathetic ears.  It seems as though a lot of truck drivers know this and take their chances of getting stopped.  Joe

From the Road Warrior: The number to call to report missing signs and such is 543-3800. We called the city Public Works Department, but unfortunately the office was closed on Friday. City Hall offices are closed every other Friday. We’ll try again Monday.

Watch out at Fulton at Piner

Jennifer had written in about Sonoma Avenue having double to single with a little extra lane past the intersection that people use to get ahead. It’s dangerous. (CLICK HERE for that column.)
I deal with that all the time on Fulton Road at Piner. Fulton is two lanes that at Piner turns to one lane and every time I’m there people get in the right hand lane only so they can step on it and cut into the only lane. I’ve almost been hit there so many times I can’t count anymore and have watched several people almost get hit. I’ve been forced into the oncoming lane because of the people trying to force their way in front of me. I’ve also watched that happen to others. It doesn’t free up traffic at all because you have to slam the breaks for jerks to move over in front of you. Some day there’ll be accidents there and I’d be really surprised if there hasn’t been already.
I’m with Jennifer make that right lane a right turn only and if you oops and meant to go straight then ya’ turn right, turn around, go back then make a right. People will pull out from the left lane to move to the right just so they can squeeze in front.  That’s all an accident waiting to happen and its just as congesting.  I have to wonder how many accidents and injuries have to happen in some areas before the city finally  takes action to prevent self-centered apathetic drivers from being able to hurt others.  Susan, Santa Rosa


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