Here are questions from Road Warrior readers:

Adrienne wrote in to report that she had read on KRCB radio’s Facebook page an account of a Santa Rosa police officer stopping bicyclists on Humboldt Avenue for not coming to a complete stop at stop signs. According to the posting, the officer said he was instructed to use “maximum enforcement” in wake of the recent local deaths of bicyclists in accidents with cars. Our reader is wondering what’s going on.

The answer comes from Police Sgt. Lance Badger, who says an increase in pedestrian vs. vehicle and bicyclist vs. vehicle accidents prompted the Police Department to pass the word to officers to be “more aware” of traffic violations by bicyclists and pedestrians. And that means when they sees “flagrant” violations, they enforce the law, he said. Badger it’s a matter of “heightening the awareness of our employees” and there is “no special targeting” of any group in particular.

Here’s another question:

Can someone please tell me the rules of the intersection at Todd Road and East Todd Road.   Specifically, when you are heading east after exiting the freeway and you come to the stoplight near Tower Mart and Rotten Robbie.  There are two right turn lanes that go toward Santa Rosa Avenue and a left turn lane that heads to 101 north.  What are the rules?  Too many times I will be in the second right turn lane (furthest from the curb) and vehicles that were in the first right turn lane (closest to the curb) will cut across the lanes to make an attemp to merge into the two left turn lanes that will head north on Santa Rosa Avenue.  Are they in the wrong?  Should vehicles that are in the lane closest to the curb stay in that lane, and thus, only be able to make a right turn to head down S.R. Avenue, or are they able to cut across to the lane next to them that would enable them to continue east on East Todd Road, or make a left on S.R Avenue?  Please help.  This intersection is a daily source of frustration for myself and my co-workers.  I hope this makes sense. Steve

The answer, after checking with the CHP, which has jurisdiction for that part of unincorporated Santa Rosa, is that drivers in the far right lane must turn right if the lane marking is a solid white line. If it’s a dotted line, they can merge to the left if safe. An exception would be if there’s a sign restricting merging, but there is none posted on Todd Road. So in the case you cited, drivers who get off Highway 101  and stay in the far right lane have to turn right at the intersection  just east of Rotten Robbie. Then, continuing east, drivers who are in the far right lane approaching the intersection with Santa Rosa Avenue can merge over before they hit the solid white line.


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