Here’s a question from a reader:

Is there a place to anonymously alert someone about an elderly driver who should no longer be driving?

The answer comes from DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez, who pointed us to the DMV website where there’s a form you can fill out and send in anonymously. CLICK HERE to get the form.

She said once the DMV receives the form, a worker will call the elderly driver and, depending on information derived during the conversation, may ask the driver to come in to the DMV for a test or more, which could include vision, written or driving. Medical records could even be required, depending on the circumstances, she said.

Gonzalez said her 82-year-old grandmother lost her driving privileges this year after Gonzalez’s mom used the form to report her. The grandmother failed the written test so severely that the DMV pulled her license, she said.

The form also can be used for any driver whom you believe is a safety risk because of such things as a medical condition or drug/alcohol use.

Here’s a question that we’ve had a few readers ask: During carpool hours, if you’re in the carpool lane and going the speed limit, do you have to move over to let others by?

The answer comes from Paul Fontana, the CHP’s assistant chief for the Golden Gate Division, which includes Sonoma County. He says while you don’t have to move over, you should when safe because you don’t know who’s behind you — could be a criminal — or what the the mind-set of the other driver is.

Here’s another question:

Caltrans is working on installing a traffic light at south 101 River Road offramp.  When this gets up and running, how in the world will people stopped on north Barnes Rd (at River Rd.)  be able to get out onto River Rd going west (a left turn).  Looks like a difficult intersection may become worse due to traffic backing up at the new traffic light at the River Rd. offramp.  Do you have a clue about this upcoming issue?  A lot of people live along Barnes Rd., and it is the most direct way to River Rd and/or the freeway.  Thanks for checking. Jean,  Santa Rosa

The answer comes from Tom O’Kane, deputy director of the Sonoma County Department of Transportation and Public Works. He called the traffic light “a wonderful improvement” for drivers getting off southbound Highway 101 at River Road because it’ll make turning east much safer.

As for Barnes Road, he said that it has such light traffic that it doesn’t think it’ll become a problem for drivers to turn west onto River Road. In fact, he said, the traffic light will create openings for drivers to make that turn when the stoplight is halting westbound traffic. He said once the traffic light becomes operational –Caltrans earlier this summer projected that to be  the end of this month — Barnes Road drivers eventually will get used to the traffic change.


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