You can’t use your smartphone to text or hold it to make calls while driving, but you’ll be able to use it to show police your proof of insurance. Here’s an interesting report from the Associated Press on that:

SACRAMENTO (AP) — California drivers will be able to use their smartphones to show they have auto insurance under a bill approved by Gov. Jerry Brown.

AB1708 gives Californians the option of presenting their proof of insurance on a handheld device during traffic stops. Brown announced he
signed the measure Friday.

Democratic Assemblyman Mike Gatto of Los Angeles sought to clarify the state’s vehicle code, which doesn’t mention electronic devices.

Although many insurance companies already have smartphone apps that display customer information, the law left lpolice in a gray area during traffic stops. Other states have been considering similar changes to their laws.

Gatto has said his bill will also make it easier for motorists because they won’t have to rummage through their glove compartments searching for insurance papers.


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