Here’s a question from a reader:

Are you able to find out when “they” intend to take the signals off of timers in the Rohnert Park construction area?  Meaning, those signals that were recently replaced (or created with the new Golf Course undercrossing). They’ve been on timers all throughout the construction phases, and now it appears the street construction is over, but yet the lights are still on timers, creating long waits often when there is no other traffic present and short greens.

It’s becoming frustrating to wait often up to three cycles of lights to simply turn left onto the 101 northbound ramp from Commerce.  Thanks,  Brian

The answer comes from a local transportation official who asked not to be identified, who reports that the signals there are tied into the signal system serving the Commerce Boulevard underpass, which is expected to remain closed for a while as Caltrans works on it. As a result, the signals can’t be changed to on demand until that construction is done.


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