Here are some comments from Road Warrior readers:

Downtown on/offramps dangerous

As a downtown Santa Rosa resident, I use all of the downtown exits and onramps often. It seems that these are among the most dangerous and congestion causing exits/entrances of the newly redone Hwy 101 downtown corridor. The Hwy 12 merge to northbound 101 is often backed up coming from both east and west and requires great skill to navigate depending on where you’re coming from and where you’re headed (multiple lanes, multiple decisions to be made) but at least there’s a bit of room to maneuver. I’m interested in crash stats in this sorta complex merging area.

Although it seems the above could have been better designed, what really gets me every day is the short distance given to us to get into (or out of) the combined exits/entrances on the crazy-short College Avenue/downtown ramps, especially when compared to the crazy-long Steele Lane ramps. The short ramps create unnecessary backups at commute times and appear to be very dangerous to maneuver as well.

I think the whole downtown merge and exit plan was very poorly done, causes bad jams and seems very dangerous.

Jake of Santa Rosa

Todd Road onramp too short

I suppose it might be too late to ask Caltrans to redesign the Todd Road onramp to southbound 101.  Large trucks and often several cars come on there at the same time with little room to spare and end up right in the midst of busy traffic.  Savvy commuters try to remember to get into the next lane before that onramp but sometimes there is lots of traffic, so the unfortunate ones who forget or can’t get over in time have to slow down or stop to let trucks and cars in.

It has been this way for a long time.   I was hoping that the construction work would address this but it did not.



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