Sonoma County roads department map showing roads set for repairs next spring and summer. Click to enlarge


About 50 miles of Sonoma County-maintained roads are on track to get some type of major repairs next spring and summer.

The roads include 14 that got the headlines last week when the county Board of Supervisors approved $6.5 million for that work, but there are several more, including some that have needed help for years. One example is Old Redwood Highway from Petaluma to Cotati.

Here’s the full list from the county roads department and what work will be done:

–-Adobe Canyon Road, 2.32 miles worth, from Highway 12 to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Chip seal.

–-Armstrong Woods Road, 0.32 miles at entrance to Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve. Chip seal.

–Arnold Drive, 0.73 miles from Craig Avenue to Country Club Drive. Bonded wearing course, which is a thin layer of paving. Caltrans has done similar work around the county. Caltrans defines it as “a gap graded, ultra thin hot-mix asphalt mixture applied over a thick polymer modified asphalt emulsion membrane.”

–-Bean Avenue, 0.28 miles at Bodega Bay. Grinding down of the old pavement and then repaving.

–Bodega Highway, 4.92 miles from near Highway 1 to Jonive Road. Bonded wearing course.

–-Bohemian Highway, 0.21 miles, near Monte Rio. Grinding and repaving.

-–Burbank Avenue, 1 mile up to Roseland Community Park. Repairs and overlay of asphalt pavement.

–Calistoga Road, 5.68 miles from Santa Rosa to Petrified Forest Road. Overlay.

-–Chileno Valley Road, 0.8 miles from Western Avenue south to Helen Putnam Park. Bonded wearing course

-–Doran Beach Road, 1.58 miles at Bodega Bay. Repairs and overlay.

-–Eastside Road, 0.52 miles west of Windsor and north of Windsor River Road. Repair and overlay.

County's map of all projects. Click to enlarge

–Fulton Road, 1.03 miles from River Road to Santa Rosa city limit. Overlay.

–Geyserville Avenue, 0.97 miles from Highway 128 to Highway 101. Bonded wearing course.

–Lakeville Road, 1.98 miles from Old Lakeville Road No. 2 to Highway 116. Overlay.

-–Lichau Road, two sections of 1.13 and 0.5 miles, one at start of road and other at entrance to Fairfield-Osborn Preserve. Start of road will be grinded and repaved. Other stretch will be repaired and overlayed.

–-London Ranch Road, 1.14 miles in Glen Ellen. Chip seal.

–Lytton Station Road, 1.34 miles, from Lytton Springs Road to Alexander Valley Road. Bonded wearing course.

–Main Street in Penngrove, 0.32 miles from Old Redwood Highway to Adobe Road. Overlay.

-–Main Street in Monte Rio, 0.14 miles. Grinding and repaving.

–Old Redwood Highway, 3.3 miles from Petaluma to Cotati. Repaired and repaved.

–Petaluma Hill Road, 2.4 miles from Adobe Road to East Cotati Road. Bonded wearing course.

–Porter Creek Road, 1.18 miles from east of Lock Haven Drive to Franz Valley Road. Bonded wearing course.

-–Snyder Lane, 0.69 miles from Petaluma Hill Road going south. Bonded wearing course.

–Stony Point Road, 3.28 miles from Rohnert Park Expressway to Santa Rosa city limits. Bonded wearing course.

–Stony Point Road, 3.06 miles, from north of Mecham Road to Rohnert Park Expressway. Overlay.

–Valley Ford Road,8.19 miles from Highway 1 to Tomales Road. Bonded wearing course.

–West Dry Creek Road, 1.35 miles west of Healdsburg. Bonded wearing course.

–Westside Road, 1.22 miles west of Windsor. Parts of concrete roadway will be repaired and then paved with asphalt mix.


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