Plenty of Road Warrior readers write in to tell us how bad Sonoma County’s roads are.

Now, you have a chance to ask county officials what they plan to do to fix them.

From 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, county Supervisors Shirlee Zane and David Rabbitt and Public Works Director Phil Demery will attend a forum in Rohnert Park put on by the group Save Our Sonoma Roads at Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park’s Sonoma Mountain Village — the old Agilent facility.

Craig S. Harrison, a cofounder of SOS Roads, said that based on the number of people who have contacted the group about the forum, he expects more than 100 people will attend.

After the county officials speak about what they’re doing to fix roads, the audience will get to ask questions. The officials only oversee county-maintained roads, not city streets or highways.

Admission is free, although Harrison says the group welcomes $10 donations.


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