Yes, it’s hard to believe that gas prices have fallen so much, especially after they skyrocketed to a record last month. And we all want them lower.

AAA reported Sunday that a gallon of regular in Santa Rosa averaged $3.753 — less than the $3.791 of a year ago and almost $1 cheaper than the record $4.65 of Oct. 9.

Some local stations are much less than the area average. listed gas for $3.47 a gallon at Rotten Robbie, Shell and Tower Mart on Todd Road in Santa Rosa and at Costco in Rohnert Park. reported the cheapest gas in California as $3.33 at several places in the Turlock area — not really convenient for Sonoma County drivers.

AAA says the state average is $3.792, while the U.S. average is $3.418 with Missouri the lowest at $3.09 and Hawaii the highest at $4.11.

Analysts expect prices to keep inching down, barring some some natural disaster or major Mideast crisis. The current Israeli-Palestinian conflict hasn’t affected gas prices so far.


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