Here’s a question from a reader:

Can you get a ticket for straddling a solid white line on the offramp from the freeway? Millie

The answer comes from CHP Officer Jon Sloat, who says, “By the LETTER of the law, you technically could be cited for straddling the white line on the shoulder. However, the average officer would only cite if it were a safety issue.”

Here’s another question:  My commute often takes me eastbound on Old Adobe near Penngrove, and I need to turn left on Petaluma  Hill Road. At rush hour, this is a very busy intersection.  There is no advance green, and there is no break in cars which allow me to turn left.  Even if I wait till it turns orange, there is always a stream of westbound drivers on Adobe turning right onto single lane Pet Hill Road which block me.  The turn seems impossible to do legally.  What should I do? Ian

The answer is, as I understand it, that if you’ve entered the intersection on a green and are waiting to turn, you can turn as soon as it’s safe even if the light turns yellow or red. But with heavy commute traffic, you might wait there for a while before you even get to the intersection. I think the best answer is to find a different route to work where you don’t have to wait.

I’ve encountered a couple of intersections in Petaluma and Santa Rosa that are congested during commute times, and I just try to avoid them during those hours. My alternate routes are a bit longer in distance but shorter in time.


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