Here’s a question from a reader:

Can you tell me anything as to why Stony Point Road between Sebastopol Road and Hearn/Bellevue area is so thrashed and why little to no work is done on it? I’m also curious if you wouldn’t mind posting about a very troublesome intersection at Hearn and Stony Point where motorists seem unfamiliar with the responsibilities of yielding to ALL traffic when turning left at a solid green light. I think the people need re-education. Samuel

The answer comes from Lori Urbanek, interim supervising engineer with Santa Rosa’s Transportation and Public Works Department, who says if all goes well, including funding, construction to redo and widen Stony Point to two lanes in each direction will begin in summer 2014. The $15 million project will be from Sebastopol Road to 1,000 feet south of Hearn Avenue. In 2010, the city finished widening Stony Point from Highway 12 to Sebastopol Road in the first phase of improving Stony Point.

Urbanek says PG&E in summer 2013 is expected to start putting underground overhead utility lines and relocating electrical and gas transmission lines. That work is expected to take about a year.

Another question:

My question is about the westbound Bicentennial Way exit off of Highway 101 north in Santa Rosa. The exit is somewhat “blind” for both the Bicentennial traffic as well as the highway traffic coming on to the Bicentennial overpass (neither traffic flow can see the other until it’s time to actually merge). This merge is dangerous and to compound the problem, there’s no signage for drivers to indicate to them who has the right of way.

It is my understanding that merging traffic must yield in this situation, but I’m not sure if that applies. Anyways, who’s responsible for that merge? Is it Caltrans or the city of SR or…?

Joe, Santa Rosa

The answer is that drivers merging onto Bicentennial must yield. But drivers on Bicentennial have a responsibility for safety too, and they should be watching out for merging traffic. Having taken that exit many a time, I agree that it’s hard to see traffic coming toward you on Bicentennial, and the trees and bushes don’t help.

As for who’s responsible for the merge, it’s Caltrans. The agency’s rep for Sonoma County is Adam Priest, and he can be reached at 510-286-5543.


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  1. rasputin

    Its great to hear that Stony point at seb rd will be widened in the near future. The city seems to finally bought up all the houses that need to go and that area need better trafic movement, now if only the cops would enforce the red light laws when people from the new developments are trying to go to work. People turning from seb. rd onto stony point north always at least two cars are in full red lights each signal cycle.

    Now when will Hearn at 101 get a 4 lane overpass? Now that all the reatail is on Santa Rosa ave that overpass is causing traffic to back up onto 101 and it is becoming very dangerous.

    December 8th, 2012 9:36 am

  2. darnell

    In the morning when yuo take the Bicen. overpass, the sun is usually glaring through your windshield as well.

    December 8th, 2012 10:02 am

  3. mond

    For the Bicentennial Way North/West exit issue, I had posted a comment about that “Blind spot” back in September 2010 in “See. Click. Fix.” forum in the PD that they need to put that YIELD sign back up.

    There used to be one for the cars that are coming around the curve/exit, but after someone had ran over that sign awhile back, no government agency want to be responsible to replace that YIELD sign.

    CALTRANS needs to step up and do something.


    December 8th, 2012 11:21 am

  4. Sue

    That’s good that Stony Point will be fixed in 2014, will you be paying for my car repaids until then? Or pay me tickets because the cops think I am drunk while trying to avoid all the pot holes?

    December 8th, 2012 3:15 pm

  5. Rex Faktor

    To Rasputin…I don’t think the plan is to widen the Hearn overpass…I think they want to put in one aligned with Yolanda slightly south, coinciding with extending Farmer’s Lane to Yolanda @ Pet Hill. This would be a major traffic evolution for Santa Rosa, as it would move the entry point for a lot of people from highway 12…since we voted :( not to finish that highway for some reason.
    That overpass isn’t even on funds requests anymore I don’t think…I do see the Fulton underpass still on there though.
    What’s the Caltrans time estimates for badly needed infrastructure improvements like these, I wonder…?

    December 8th, 2012 5:23 pm

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