Here are some comments from Road Warrior readers:

Don’t pass school buses

What the heck is going on in Sonoma County?  Has everyone forgot how to drive?  I have seen multiple cars passing stopped school buses on both Dutton Road, Hearn and Stony Point.  This is when the school bus is stopped with red lights flashing.  Is all of law enforcement at the donut shop or do we just chalk this up to the same as running red lights and passing on the double yellow, that the rules of the road don’t apply in Sonoma County?  It sure would be nice to see a little more law enforcement going on.

Dylan of Santa Rosa

Highway 12-101 merge

As a daily commuter who exits to downtown Santa Rosa from Highway 101, I am in constant danger of being clobbered by some idiot who coming off of Highway 12 passes the merging traffic illegally on the right to get ahead. This is a daily occurance. While cars are trying to merge on and off of 101, it is difficult to see (or impossible if the vehicles are large or trucks)  a third vehicle illegally maneuvering behind. I understand the purpose of the paved shoulder is there for emergencies but when it becomes an additional “lane” for illegal use, it should be blocked off with bollards. OR a cop can sit there and max out his ticket quota. Maybe then people will put public safety ahead of their own selfish desire to be first!



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