Here are questions from Road Warrior readers:

Occidental Road needs striping

The center line striping on Occidental Road between Fulton Road and Highway 116 is totally worn.  The reflective dots are missing or covered in oil.  Really scary driving are night and especially during the rain. Jerry

The answer comes from Tom O’Kane, deputy director of the Sonoma County Public Works and Transportation Department: “There are many miles of county roads that are in need of restriping. We lost our pavement marking truck in the firstwave of budget cuts in 2009 due in part because of the California air quality restrictions and lack of funding for a replacement. The Board (of Supervisors) just authorized the purchase of a new truck last fall. It is in the process of bidding now. I do not anticipate the delivery until late summer or early fall. As a consequence, we are preparing to bid some contract work for a number of roads, including Occidental in the segment that was mentioned by your reader. I do not have a date at this time when the work would be done but as soon as possible.”

Right of way on highway on/offrarmps

Who has the right of way on combined on/off ramps? I’m specifically thinking of Airport Blvd. on 101 North. People come barreling off the freeway as others are trying to build up to freeway speed. Legally, who should yield to the other when on and off ramp lanes are shared? Deanna

The answer comes from CHP Officer Jon Sloat, spokesman for the local office: There are two lanes there, one for the cloverleaf, and the straight one coming off/going on to the freeway. Because of that, neither vehicle has the right of way to the other lane. It is a matter of making a safe lane change into the lane you want to be in.

Speed limit signs

I am confused about speed limit signs.  Does the speed limit change when I can see the sign or when I reach the sign?  The other day in Sebastopol, a motorcycle officer was using his radar gun on people who were in a 35 mile zone, coming down a hill where the sign at the bottom says 25 miles per hour.  Are you supposed to have slowed to 25 by the time you get to the sign?  On the other hand, when the speed increases, can you begin speeding up before you get to the sign so that when you’ve arrived at the sign you’re traveling at the increased limit?  Just curious.  I always thought the speed change was at the sign, but others do not.   Michelle

The answer comes from Sebastopol Police Sgt. Greg Devore, who says the speed limit changes at the sign. So going from a 35 to a 25 means that by the sign you must be doing 25, so slow before you hit the sign. And if you’re going from a 25 to a 35, you can’t hit the gas until you pass the 35-mph sign.


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