Some recent comments from readers:

Unsafe bicycling on skinny roads

I am new to the Sonoma County backroads. I believe in sharing the road with bicycles, but was surprised by their behavior. Last Saturday I drove out to the coast on Petaluma Point Reyes road, narrow, double yellow line. The cyclists were riding 2, sometimes 3 across. Even when they looked back and saw me, they didn’t always shift into single file. There is NO WAY on those narrow roads to safely pass and allow 3 feet without crossing the double yellow to some degree. And then I would be crossing the lines illegally…Geez. This is a problem….Expensive solution? Trails for bikes, keep them safer and free to ride side by side, and at the same time avoid forcing cars off the road? — Del

Catch those red-light runners

Please install working cameras to all intersections to cite red light runners! Think of the money the county would make and hopefully curb the red light running. I watch people purposefully speed up to “make it” in time. Only to put my life, and those in my car, at risk! I would guess that they majority of accidents was caused by red light runners, very disappointing. — Karin

Is it kind or dangerous to stop for pedestrians?

I have a similar problem in trying to be “kind” by letting people onto the freeway. Apparently, people are so used to NOT being allowed on that many times, they keep slowing down to let me pass, while I am slowing to let them on, and before I know it, I am doing 40 and if I were to speed up at that point, I would most certainly run them off the road. One person actually pulled over to the side of the road. I would like to keep being kind, but it seems it’s so unusual these days that I am doing more harm than good. — Smurf

Another example: When I’m on my bicycle trying to cross College, cars frequently stop in the middle of the lane and try to wave me across in an effort to be nice. In actuality, it totally throws off my timing, and sometimes blocks my view of another lane where traffic can be coming. — Naomi Williams

Another place I see dangerous courtesy all the time is on roundabouts. The vehicles in roundabouts have the right of way. Nearly every day I see drivers in the roundabout near my office stop and wave people into the traffic circle. — Patrick


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