The Metropolitan Transportation Commission released its Draft Plan Bay Area today after nearly three years of development. The plan outlines an integrated approach to long-range transportation and land-use/housing and includes information about transportation projects the agency intends to finance with local, regional, state and federal funding.

Read the full report here.

MTC has also scheduled public meetings in Napa and Santa Rosa from 7-9 p.m. Monday, April 8, with an opportunity to review and ask questions about the plans from 6-7:30 p.m. The Sonoma County meeting will be held at the Friedman Center, 4676 Mayette Ave., Santa Rosa. Napa County’s meeting will be held at the Elks Lodge, 2840 Soscol Ave., Napa.

“With our region’s population projected to swell to some 9 million people by 2040, Plan Bay Area charts a course for accommodating this growth while fostering an innovative, prosperous and competitive economy; preserving a healthy and safe environment; and allowing all Bay Area residents to share the benefits of vibrant, sustainable communities connected by an efficient and well-maintained transportation network,” the report states.

Key points of interest for Sonoma County residents:

* Jobs in Santa Rosa are projected to grow 38% between 2010 and 2040, Sonoma County by 34%, with the regional average 33%.

* Sonoma County population is projected to grow 24% during that time, to 598,382 from 483,878, the slowest rate of the region’s nine counties.

* 35% of MTC’s committed revenues will go to roads and bridges, 65% to transit. Discretionary revenue will be split evenly.

* HOV goals include an eventual extension of the Highway 101 HOV lane through Marin-Sonoma Narrows, from Novato to Petaluma, using revenue from early express lanes to bond-finance it.

Key transit and road improvements include:

* SMART Larkspur to Windsor

* Interchange improvements at Petaluma Boulevard, a new interchange at Fulton Road in Santa Rosa

The final plan is scheduled for release this summer and will be updated every four years, the report states.