It’s hard to argue with the statement that Sonoma County roads are in bad shape, but when grass roots group Save Our Sonoma Roads conducted an online survey, 509 of the 624 respondents described them as “bad” or “terrible.” The county has 1,382 miles of roads, but pavement maintenance is funded for only 200 miles. The remaining 1,182 miles receive only pothole filling, according to SOS.

How to fix the problem is a different discussion. In results of the survey released Wednesday by SOS founder Craig S. Harrison, respondents rated the following options:

* Only one-third supported new taxes to fix roads in principle, but support was higher for specific taxes.

* 67% approved of extending the Measure M ΒΌ-cent sales tax supporting local transportation projects (providing $4 million a year after 2025);

* 63% approved of increasing the tourist occupancy tax from 9% to 12% (raising $2.5 million a year);

* 57% approved of charging car owners a new $20 vehicle registration fee (raising $2.8 million a year).

Other responses:

* 29% approved of charging property owners an annual road maintenance tax of $300-500, while 59% disapporoved.

* 59% in principle want to reduce county spending, while only 37% in principle support new revenue.

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