Letters from readers aren’t the only ones that arrive in the Road Warrior’s mailbag. We also receive a few from entrepreneurs hoping to appeal to people who spend lots of time behind the wheel. Here’s what arrived this week. You decide if they’re funny or fabulous.

Accessorize your driving shoes

Does your right shoe wear out more quickly than the left? That could be because you ride the brakes or worry the gas pedal. Makers of the Tip Top Shoe Glove think they have just the solution, a protective little gizmo that slips around that overactive foot. Described as comfortable and hassle-free, it comes with a waterproof lining and costs just $16.99. Stylish it isn’t, even when Velcroed around a Manolo Blahnik.

One (be)fore the road

A Burlingame company wants to made its mark with a smartphone app that calculates your blood alcohol content. Just plug the Breathometer into your smart phone and blow into it. Your phone will tell you if you’re safe to drive. The matchbook sized gizmos aren’t available yet, but they can be reserved for $20 on Indigogo, with shipment promised this summer. The company’s future goals include adding one-click calling to friends and cab companies, and developing the technology to block drunk texting once the phone’s owner is over the legal limit.

Cash in on your commute

Less a gizmo than a come-on, AdverCar is offering $100 a month to Bay Area commuters willing to drive with ads on their cars. The pitch comes with a few strings attached. The ads come in various sizes for hood, trunk, side doors and rear window. Plus the sign-up page has some serious caveats (drivers must own a car, have a valid license, insurance and a clean record) and asks a lot of personal questions (make, year, model and condition of your vehicle, details about the route you drive).