Real construction work won’t begin until June 3 on the new Airport Boulevard interchange off Highway 101 north of Santa Rosa, but Caltrans has released images of the design and the proposed detours.

Take a look at what is planned for the project that will be with us until late 2014, when the newly designed Airport Boulevard exit will include a new five-lane bridge across Highway 101, a sidewalk for pedestrians and Class II bike lanes. The Fulton Road exit will disappear, and sound walls will be built in Windsor.

For more details and larger images, visit dot.ca.gov/dist4/101airportblvd/index.html.

The $28.7 million project will include: 

- Closing the Fulton Road northbound on-ramp will take place on June 3, detouring traffic to Airport Boulevard via Fulton Road;

- Constructing the new northbound Airport Boulevard off-ramp;

- Constructing the new southbound Airport Boulevard on-ramp;

- Constructing the new Airport Boulevard Overcrossing;

- Building soundwalls in Windsor between Shiloh Road and Windsor River Road (starting with Soundwall #4, located in front of the Windsor Mobile Country Club community).


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