Two little questions about things spotted along U.S. 101, and a suggestion about how to ease the pain as construction projects collide in Petaluma.

What’s up with the sign?

The question: What is with the electronic sign in Rohnert Park on NB 101 that states to turn Radio to 840 AM? It was on for a week, no message is on 840 AM.

The answer: Caltrans’ electricians were testing the sign.  In the future Caltrans will use the Highway Advisory Radio for construction projects on U.S. 101, but for the test, there was no corresponding radio broadcast, said Allyn Amsk, Caltrans public information officer. Watch for it to go live soon as construction begins on the Airport Boulevard interchange north of Santa Rosa and work heats up on the widening project in Petaluma.

Why is the median off-kilter?

The question: I understand the reasons for the cable divider on the median of Hwy 101 in Ukiah.  But every time I drive that route I am wondering why was it placed so off-center?  I really am not OCD, just curious. – Harry Martin

The answer: The cable median barrier was placed off-center so that it would not interfere with the drainage in the median, or with any future work to maintain or improve the drainage in the median. — Caltrans spokesman Phil Frisbie, Jr.

Soundoff: Why not restripe Lakeville (Hwy. 116)?

Petaluma’s getting pretty tough to get around. D street closed at Lakeville, the bridge thing, and of course the horrors of the Washington overpass and environs. One thing that could improve one thing: Westbound Lakeville narrows to one lane under 101 now until sometime in 2014 per the signage. At 5 pm, the backup extends out to McDowell.

A major improvement would be to restripe the lanes back to Marina such that the right lane is “exit only” for 101 North. That will solve some of the jam-up as drivers in the left lane realize at the last minute they need to merge right. Restripe, and by all means provide good signage – there isn’t any right now until you’re already in the soup. Put signs further back, please! — Mike