Lisa writes to say that she’s tired of slow drivers using the fast lane, sending fast drivers to the slow lane, especially between Santa Rosa and Petaluma. Sound familiar?

“I commute from Marin to Santa Rosa 4 days a week and regularly drive in other high traffic areas around the Bay Area,” Lisa writes. “This problem is isn’t completely unique to Sonoma County, but i see it here a whole lot more than other areas.” 

She passes along this Facebook post that lays out the problem and includes a little easy to understand instructional material.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re going the speed limit. You may feel like you’re doing the right thing by slowing a speeder down, or you may feel it’s your right to drive in any lane you darn well please. It’s not. You are breaking the law.

“If a faster driver comes up behind you and begs you to move over, you should. But you don’t. Now cars start lining up behind both of you. In some cases you actually slow down ON PURPOSE.  Now there’s four or five vehicles lining up behind you and the sixth vehicle back finally jets across two lanes of traffic to go around not only you and the cars behind you. Note that he used the ‘SLOW’ lane to do this in.

“Move over. Don’t cause traffic jams and contribute to road rage. Please share.”