Reader Lisa Davis wrote in this morning about an unsual tie-up on Highway 116 west of Monte Rio. She was stuck in traffic because a car commercial was being filmed.

She described the scene as “A LOT of car carrier trailers, new cars with car covers, cameras, CHP stopping traffic. Expect delays here, out to the coast.”

Guerneville Towns Correspondent Stephen Gross was on the road this morning and had this to say about 11:15 a.m.:

“Yes it is true. Traffic was stopped and apparently it no longer is, because after a five-minute delay at Duncans Mills the CHP allowed me to continue east on Hwy 116. They told me it was indeed a car commercial but were not inclined to share details. The road was opened to westbound traffic at that time, too.”

Update: CHP Officer Jon Sloat confirmed that photographers were shooting a car ad Wednesday on Highway 116 at Monte Cristo.