Greg is considering a big move and wants to know how bad the morning traffic is on Highway 37 between American Canyon and Novato. Read his letter below and then tell us what you know.

The question: i currently live in novato and work in san rafael, however my family and i are considering a home ‘upgrade’ to american canyon.

i currently work off hours but my oldest daughter starts kindergarten this fall in novato. how is the morning commute? what else can you tell me in general about the 37 commute? how bad are the worst parts of the day (early morn, late afternoon)? any other knowledge you can impart is appreciated as this issue weighs heavily on a potential decision.

for as much as we’d like to get from our condo into a single family home, dealing with major traffic a couple times daily would nulify any quality of life benefits. i swore many years ago that i would never be one of those people that sat stuck in my car for 2 hours a day. — greg


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