As week one of the Airport Blvd./Highway 101 interchange construction ends, questions continue to arrive about the project. The northbound Fulton Road loop on-ramp onto 101 has been permanently closed, with traffic continuing northbound on Fulton Road to westbound Airport Blvd., using the northbound on-ramp there.

Question: The article on the Airport Blvd constuction and inpact on the local roads was good , but missed the left turn from Shiloh Rd onto Skylane Blvd. The last 2 days at 6:45 AM this has been backed up almost to Conde Lane. Not sure who is responsible for this signal. I believe Windsor. — Tom Hart

Answer: We will have our traffic signal technician look at the operation of this signal.  With the closure of the northbound off-ramp at Airport Blvd., there are probably more vehicles traveling north to Shiloh Rd and then south on Skylane Blvd.  The signal timing will need to be adjusted.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention. — Richard W. Burtt, Windsor Public Works Director

Question: I was wondering if the sound walls that were mentioned in yesterday’s article are going to go all the way through Windsor along 101? — Eddie Sandoval

Answer: Just in four selected locations between Shiloh Road and the Old Redwood Highway. Three are on the east side of the road, one on the west. Caltrans has a map of the Soundwall project that shows the exact locations. CLICK HERE.

Question: I have what may be unrelated question…..  why were all those redwoods along 101 cut down?… I was sad and then became angry when I saw all those trunks protruding out of the ground. — Larry Dunn, Santa Rosa

Answer: They had to be cut in February to make room for the new onramps, but the stumps were left until the ground dried out after winter rains stopped. They were planted in the 40s or 50s by the Mens Garden Club as part of a tourism effort to promote the Old Redwood Highway, even though redwoods aren’t indigenous to our area and usually require coastal fog to thrive. About 700 trees were cut, and will be replanted once the roadwork is done. An equal number of oaks were cut (which are indigenous), but so far there hasn’t been an outcry about them. Check out the graphic on THIS POST for more details.

For an overview of the Airport Blvd./Highway 101 interchange reconstruction project, read THIS EARLIER Road Warrior post.