Like so many other things, Santa Rosa’s traffic relief comes in small bites when permits have been issued and money is available, leaving some projects lined up behind those with higher priority. That’s the case with construction designed to relieve pressure at the Hearn Avenue/101 interchange and at Farmers Lane/Highway 12.

Question: I heard that the Hearn Avenue Interchange project has been held up because of a Farmer’s Lane extension/Yolanda Ave. overpass. This would move the traffic slightly south from the current alignment, and also relieve congestion at the dreadful intersection at Highway 12 and Farmer’s Lane, since an alternate route towards east Santa Rosa would finally exist. Has this project been cancelled in favor of expanding the existing Hearn structure?

Answer: The Farmers Lane Extension project has not been cancelled.  The Hearn Avenue Interchange and Farmers Lane Extension are both active projects. Farmers Lane Extension is in the right-of-way acquisition, permitting and design phase.  Construction could come next if funding can be identified. — Colleen Ferguson, Deputy Director, Transportation and Public Works Department