Like so many other things, Santa Rosa’s traffic relief comes in small bites when permits have been issued and money is available, leaving some projects lined up behind those with higher priority. That’s the case with construction designed to relieve pressure at the Hearn Avenue/101 interchange and at Farmers Lane/Highway 12.

Question: I heard that the Hearn Avenue Interchange project has been held up because of a Farmer’s Lane extension/Yolanda Ave. overpass. This would move the traffic slightly south from the current alignment, and also relieve congestion at the dreadful intersection at Highway 12 and Farmer’s Lane, since an alternate route towards east Santa Rosa would finally exist. Has this project been cancelled in favor of expanding the existing Hearn structure?

Answer: The Farmers Lane Extension project has not been cancelled.  The Hearn Avenue Interchange and Farmers Lane Extension are both active projects. Farmers Lane Extension is in the right-of-way acquisition, permitting and design phase.  Construction could come next if funding can be identified. — Colleen Ferguson, Deputy Director, Transportation and Public Works Department



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  1. John Claeys

    What a sad day for Santa Rosans when this road is completed..all this to speed the commute to the Academy. e
    New homeowners that back up to this road were fed misinformation…it will devastate the quality of life as we
    know it here just to “rob Peter to Pay Paul”. Sure it may
    make it easier on the 12 at Farmers Lane….so where does
    everyone think that traffic will go? The new place of gridlock
    will be at the base of Kawana Springs rd. at Santa Rosa Ave.
    And now, if you think it’s already difficult getting over the
    Hearn Ave bridge, “you aint seen nothin yet”. The homes
    that front Kawana Springs will see the most decline…as
    there home values plummet…at a greater intensity than the
    rest of us, that will never “hear the silence” and the crickets
    at night again.

    September 22nd, 2013 4:29 pm

  2. Eric Housley

    This extension project makes no sense. Hearn ave is already a heavy congestion area. Both it and the HWY 12 interchange will continue to be congested areas even if this is completed. Not only will home values in the area be impacted, but our beautiful country side will be bulldozed and paved. SO SAD!

    October 21st, 2013 3:27 pm

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