A fond farewell to the Fulton Road interchange and the video of a construction truck close-call.

Question: I’ve noticed that now the southbound Fulton Road off ramp as well as the northbound off ramp has been closed. Is this southbound off ramp going to be a ‘permanent’ closure? Is there a plan view somewhere which will show how one is to access Fulton Rd. from Hwy 101 in the future? I’ve been traveling this route for over 24 years to work and back, and am sad to see it eliminated. – Craig W.

Answer: We are reworking display materials for upcoming construction activities and they should soon be on the website. When construction is complete, Fulton Road will remain open but ramps to and from Fulton Road will be closed. Motorists will still be able to access Fulton Road from Airport Blvd. Currently, for southbound U.S. 101, motorists can exit at Airport Blvd., go east and turn right on Fulton Road. For northbound U.S. 101, motorists can exit at Fulton Road and continue north on Fulton Road, but the off-ramp at Airport Blvd. is closed. They can also access Fulton Road by taking the northbound River Road/Guerneville exit, turn left on River Road, and continue to Fulton Road. — Allyn Amsk, Caltrans spokesman

Question: The ongoing construction project @ Airport Blvd and Hwy 101 desperately needs a safety review. As someone who commutes to work on Airport Blvd daily, I have seen a HUGE number of very dangerous things done by the construction crews.

The Northbound 101 on-ramp has been made so narrow  with haphazardly placed K Rail, I have had vehicles stop and stick their heads out the window as they carefully navigate through the gaps. Huge chunks of dirt/rock/wood/concrete/etc. lay regularly in traffic, usually until they are crushed and dispersed by the passing cars. Traffic control and signage has to be the worst of all. I have personally watched as “flag-men” stand off to the side seemingly distracted by their cell phones, leaving traffic to wonder where/when they should go!

Today, while running an errand around 4 p.m. this happened to me (watch THIS YOUTUBE video). There was no hint of traffic control in the direction I approached. No signs warning of trucks, no nothing. The truck driver never even glanced my direction. Just pulled out directly in front of me. The flag-man on the other side of the road laughed as I drove by.

Caltrans, the CHP, anyone… Someone needs to inspect how this project is being run and someone needs to be held accountable for the lack of safety/concern for the public. — Dion Thurow