Question: I was sitting at a stop light in Petaluma last Saturday at the intersection of 6th Street & “D” Street, which turns into a country road and is a popular motorcycle route.  A group of about 150 motorcycles comes into town and blocks the intersection, stopping traffic so that their group does not get split up at the red light(s).  They block the intersection for two or three traffic cycles while their group rides into town uninhibited by the annoyance of having to stop at the red light(s).  They were clearly feeling empowered by their large number and disregarded everyone.  I thought of calling it in and wondered if that was an appropriate response. How would police deal with this situation? — Steve

Answer: We see this from certain “groups” when they are participating in organized motorcycle runs and it is completely illegal. We encourage you to call CHP or local police when you see it occur. The problem usually is that by the time we respond they have moved on. However, if we do get an initially complaint we can take measures to be around to prevent further illegal traffic control. — CHP Officer Jon Sloat