This week’s letters came from readers worried about a casino bus hurrying to deliver its passengers,  a group of kids rushing to the park and a traffic light malfunction. The first two got where they were going but cut some corners in the process. The traffic signal needed an adjustment.

Question: While driving north from Santa Rosa today, between Healdsburg and Geyeserville, I was passed by a bus going at least 75! This was a River Rock bus heading to the casino. I have seen these buses speeding before. There is another tour company from San Francisco, called Sanmo (I think) who’s buses I also see speeding frequently. My question is, does the Highway Patrol ever watch for, and ticket these speeding bus drivers? — Holly Werner

Answer: The answer comes from CHP Officer Jon Sloat. “We do keep an eye out for speeding tour buses. Keep in mind that the speed limit for them is 65, the same as any passenger vehicle. Many people mistakenly assume they have a limit of 55. If a driver can get a plate number we can send a warning letter to the company. Also, our commercial units routinely stop and inspect the buses to make sure they are in compliance with safety requirements.”

Question: I was driving past Piner High School today and noticed that there are no crosswalks in front of the school for the kids who are trying to get to the Community Youth Park across the street.  The other day kids were getting off summer school and trying to get across the street.  Some of these kids walked into traffic WITHOUT ANY REGARD OF LOOKING before they walk!

I feel that this is a public health tragedy waiting to happen and setting a speed limit is definitely not enough.  It doesn’t make sense why they built a Youth Community Park right across a busy street next to a school.  They need to make a crosswalk for the kids to SAFELY walk across the street to the park.  Is there any plan to build one? — A mother and concerned citizen

Answer: The answer comes from Santa Rosa Traffic Engineer Rob Sprinkle, who touched on yet another problem with teenagers. Not only do they forget to look both directions before they cross, but sometimes they’re too lazy or distracted to use the safeguards already in place.

Says Sprinkle, “We provide a very safe location to cross Fulton Road at the traffic signal at Piner High School entrance.  This allows students to cross Fulton Road while the vehicles are stopped and aligns with the path network through the Youth Community Park.”

Yellow crosswalk is at the traffic signal just yards away from the school's front doors.

Question: The left turn light from southbound Old Redwood Highway onto eastbound Airport Blvd. seems to have an issue. It sometimes takes two full rounds of the signal before the left turn arrow turns green. Could Rob Sprinkle have his crews take a look at it as well? — Shari

Answer: That signal is outside city limits, we sent it to the Sonoma County Department of Transportation and Public Works. Tom O’Kane said it was the first he had heard of the malfunction. Traffic personnel just happened to be at that location and discovered a bad loop dtector in the pavement. “That will have to be replaced,” O’Kane said, “but they adjusted the signal controller, so it should work better until the loop can be replaced.”